Bosch Automotive Electrics and Automotive Electronics(PDF)

Of late, the development of the motor vehicle has been marked by the introduction of electronics.
At first, electronic systems were used to control the engine (electronic fuel-injection systems), then electronic components entered the domain of driving safety (e.g. antilock brake system, ABS).
More recently, completely new fields of application have emerged in the areas of driving assistance, infotainment and communication as a result of continuous advancements in semiconductor technology.
Consequently, the proportion of electrics and electronics in the motor vehicle has continuously increased.

The complexity of the vehicle system is set to increase still further in the near future. To guarantee operational reliability in view of this complexity, new methods of electronics development are called
for. The objective is to create a standardized architecture for the electrical system/electronics that alsooffers short development times in addition to high reliability for the electronic systems.

This writing or technical manual equips you with a powerful tool of reference for information about the level of today’s technology in the
field of vehicle electrical systems and electronics. Many topics are addressed in detail, while others –particularly the electronic systems – are only presented in overview form. These topics receive in-depth
coverage in other books in our series.