Technicians’ Service & Repairs’ Organizer Database

This simple tool go help You create a system to provide Your Repairs’ and or service game, with a centralised location of all vital  information.

Including such as, repair information, reminders for pending tasks, however tiny parts management, bookings, jobs, quotes, invoices, and accounting will be centralised in one central area – making it easy to manage your zig-zag! 

Hapa Ujanja Tu, you may waste some time watch this video👇👇 may be it could be useful, otherwise DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME, because there so many other tools out there🤷‍♀️!




Manage your vehicles, Drivers, Mechanics’ information in one place

Think of this ‘ujanja’ as the brain behind your fleet operations, yaaani usimamizi uliopo kwenye magari zako! Kwasababu unaeza ku Centralize all your data, drivers, vehicles, repairs’ department na vingine, nk, ili uweze ku make better decisions for your organization, business, or whatever you could be labeling your game!
Unaeza ku control costs with real-time metrics kama total cost, cost-per-mile au/na asset utilization, and never question fleet profitability again.
Hapa Ujanja Tu👇

Check out, how this ujanja works in this video👇