WORKERS MANAGEMENT UJANJA (kusimamia wafanyakazi)

As demonstrated in the video below, this automated program is some premium time tracking and workforce productivity measurement tool that helps you productively monitor or manage employees.

Quickly add employees!

Classify your employees!

Get an overview of your employees!

Organize and manage your business entities!

Takes complete control of staff time off!

Understand the job roles and responsibilities clearly, making it easy to recruit the right talent.

It has Learning Management System integrated to allow you promote a culture of continuous learning at the workplace.

Easy Employee Performance Monitoring

Measurable  / Improved Decision Making as this program gives you accurate details about employee performance and other company statistics.
This data helps you design effective programs to drive employee engagement and improve overall productivity.
And so much many alot too much, you kindly watch this video, then go below to download! 



Repairing MERCEDES BENZ Start Error (Vito,ML,Sprinter)

Our teams have dealt with a non-start situation with on many Mercedes commercial vehicles.
The main cause of the START ERROR being displayed on the dash is due to corruption of data in 2 of the vehicles main units,
one is the Temic immobiliser box also known as the WSP and the Main Engine control unit.

We recommend trying a few things before going deeep!

Test vehicle’s battery to be in a good state
Try a different key
Try the original key on its own with no other keys surrounding the ignition
If you have done this and you still have the START ERROR message there could be a number of issues,
we recommend having a deep diagnosis to pinpoint where the fault lies.

Common Faults leading to START ERROR on with certain Mercedes Benz:

Jump starting
Battery power not sufficient
The transponder in your key is faulty or missing
Antena coil on ignition faulty
ECU fault
Fuel pump fault
We also recommend testing for power on your WSP plug.
Pin 3 is continuous +12V direct from the battery, Red/Yellow Wire
Pin 7 is ignition +12V when your key is in position 1 and 2, Black /Yellow Wire
If there is no power on either you will get START ERROR on the dash.

If all seems correct, but still sh*t, download thee and so as below in this video