Technicians’ Service & Repairs’ Organizer Database

This simple tool go help You create a system to provide Your Repairs’ and or service game, with a centralised location of all vital  information.

Including such as, repair information, reminders for pending tasks, however tiny parts management, bookings, jobs, quotes, invoices, and accounting will be centralised in one central area – making it easy to manage your zig-zag! 

Hapa Ujanja Tu, you may waste some time watch this video👇👇 may be it could be useful, otherwise DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME, because there so many other tools out there🤷‍♀️!




WORKERS MANAGEMENT UJANJA (kusimamia wafanyakazi)

As demonstrated in the video below, this automated program is some premium time tracking and workforce productivity measurement tool that helps you productively monitor or manage employees.

Quickly add employees!

Classify your employees!

Get an overview of your employees!

Organize and manage your business entities!

Takes complete control of staff time off!

Understand the job roles and responsibilities clearly, making it easy to recruit the right talent.

It has Learning Management System integrated to allow you promote a culture of continuous learning at the workplace.

Easy Employee Performance Monitoring

Measurable  / Improved Decision Making as this program gives you accurate details about employee performance and other company statistics.
This data helps you design effective programs to drive employee engagement and improve overall productivity.
And so much many alot too much, you kindly watch this video, then go below to download!